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The following principles if properly utilized, will make your blog a successful and profitable one:
  • ·        Proper Blog Setup.

  • ·        Quality Content.

  • ·        Blog Promotion.

Proper Blog Setup
Steps #1, #2, #3 & #4 properly described how to set up a new blog correctly. If you haven’t done so yet, please go to back to step one here to set up your blog.
To be successful in blogging you need to be well informed with the latest ideas and trends. One way of doing this is by visiting other popular blogs regularly to ensure your own blog is up to date. If you find any tool that interests you on other people’s blogs such as plugins or widgets, you may ask the blogger about it and in most cases they always give you free information about it. This will also help set up your blog correctly and at the same time establish friendship with other bloggers around the globe.
The steps you have seen so far should be enough to help you set up your blog properly, choosing to make further changes in order to build a perfect blog may not be necessary at this time, especially if you have limited skills in building blogs so you don’t get yourself into technical issues that you cannot resolve easily. As you keep blogging you will come to learn new ways of perfecting your blog. Don’t wait until you have a perfect blog before you start writing and posting contents. 

Quality Content

The only way to succeed as a blogger is by writing quality content. The easiest way of writing quality content that attracts peoples’ attention is to answer questions that other people are asking about a particular topic. Just like you, many people out there have questions yet to be answered.  All you need to do is make a research on this question and share the valuable answer with others who would read and share with their friends. To summarize this point, I want you to know that your success or failure is dependent on the quality of your blog’s content. 
Visit this link to read how to write great blog content:
Other than writing quality contents, you also need to include images, videos, font styles and colors which will make your blog very attractive and interesting to your visitors.

Blog Promotion

Marketing which is the process of promoting, selling and distribution of products or services is very important for a successful blog. If you correctly setup your blog and write quality content, there is no guarantee that anyone will visit your blog. Therefore there’s need to market your blog to the public.
The next step will show you different ways of marketing or promoting your blog free of charge.

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