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As a blogger, one of the most important things to do is to promote your blog. Not promoting your blog is like someone with a wonderful product for sale but doesn’t want to tell others about it. If you don’t tell others there is no chance of you ever selling your product and in this case the product is your blog. Secondly, some people don’t know how to promote or market their blogs or they simply don’t want to do it. Thirdly, some give excuses such as they don’t have many posts or the design of their blog is not perfect yet. Do not wait until you have a thousand posts or perfect design for your blog, after your hard work and plenty of time building your blog, do not be shy to tell others about it. The number of people who know and visit your blog will determine the amount of money you stand to make.

How do you promote your blog? The most effective methods of blog promotion out there are free of charge! Let’s look at some of them:

1. Use of Free Online forums

Join online forums where topics related to your blog are regularly discussed. Most of these forums are free to join and allow users to include links to their blogs or site while writing posts. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions guiding each forum you join and abide by them.

In order to attract people to your blog through forum posts, it is advised you write quality, helpful and interesting posts. If your forum posts are not interesting and helpful people won’t visit your blog through the links you placed in those forums.

2. Frequent Posting or Not?
I have heard bloggers talk about how often they write posts, what matters most is not how often you post but the quality of the contents and the value you give to your readers and how you share those contents with others. So if your goal is to post more frequently, ask yourself how you’re going to come up with so much content and how to always balance between high quality content and frequency. That’s my candid advice for you.

3. Use of Social networks

Do you know that Facebook and YouTube alone have more than 1 billion users each and twitter 230 million users? Not to mention other social networks such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, GooglePlus, Instagram, Pinterest etc. There is a great possibility that you already have account with one or more of these social networks, if not, why not set up accounts with them it is absolutely free. These social networks are powerful tools to promote your blogs and connect with other experienced bloggers and people who are interested in the topics your blog about. Do not underestimate the amount of exposure your blog will get when you share your blog’s quality content using these networks.

4. Linking other blogs

Linking to other blogs is another way of promoting your blog. This is known as trackback. Trackback is an automatic notification sent when a link has been created to a person's blog post from an external website, allowing a reciprocal link to that website to be created.   One way of doing this is to write a blog post as a response to a post from another blog or website expressing your agreement or disagreement to a particular topic then adding a link from that blog. You promote your blog through this means, when someone reading the other person’s blog post sees the link to your blog and click on it to visit your site.

5. Guest posting 

Guest posting is the process of creating quality content and publishing it on another person's blog. This is a great way of building online reputation and promoting your blog. To do this you need to contact other blog owners and offer to write a post for their site. When the visitors to the blog you are ‘guest posting’ to enjoy your posts, then expect them to also visit your blog through the links you included in your posts. Some bloggers may object this idea, please look for those who are interested and work with them.

6. Youtube 

Make video clips that are related to your blog content and share those videos on youtube and then add links to your blog under the videos asking people to click them for more information on what you discussed in the video clip you posted. When they click the link it will take them to your blog.

Now we have completed all the steps that you need to setup your blog and attract readers.

The next and final step will teach you how to make money from your blog...:) 


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